we’re hiring community managers!

TheCONNECT is excited to be expanding our team and hiring two community managers to assist with daily social media operations.

JOB DESCRIPTION: If you love restaurants, branding and exciting opportunities… This position is for you! You’ll be working closely with a motivated team to grow, sustain and creatively expand various hospitality brands on social media. This position will require a creative mind as well as attention to detail via analytic reports and habitual responsibilities.

Requirements: Applicant must be fluent in Instagram and Facebook, have a keen sense of customer service, demonstrate efficient writing and grammar skills, is excited by thinking outside the box and works great with others.

Bonuses: Restaurant or hospitality industry experience, leadership roles, relevant college degree, flexible schedule.

Above all else, applicant should be HUNGRY for opportunity and career growth. This part time position can rapidly evolve with the right person.

Tasks: Customer service, analytics, reports, community management, eating great food.

Schedule: Very flexible hours. Applicant must be on Long Island or NYC.

Salaried part time position to be determined based on experience.

If you are interested please send an email with headline COMMUNITY MANAGER to Salvatore@TheGrubfather.world with your resume attached and the following questions answered to the best of your ability:

  1. How did you hear about this position?

  2. What is your general availability?

  3. Do you drive?

  4. Do you feel confident working remotely?

  5. What type of phone do you have?

  6. Why do you want this position and what makes you the best choice?

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Sal DiBenedetto

Founder, CEO & Creative Director