Food & lifestyle sit at the heart of who we are and what we do


@TheGrubfather was created

as a way to document the adventures of Salvatore DiBenedetto, founder of The CONNECT. It soon sparked an insatiable love for food, NY lifestyle and travel. Knowing the impact of story telling, Sal began to tell the stories of local restaurants. 

The CONNECT was born 

shortly after. Using inventive photography, videos and writing, Sal began to watch how his spin on social media impacted his clients on Long Island, in New York City and Westchester. 

Today our mission 

is to get better at what we do every day. Social media is part of our lifestyle and we've got our eyes and ears to the updates, algorithm changes and trends that fuel successful campaigns. 

The future is bright! 

We have an incredible client list, big results and endless vision for how we want to continue shaping food & hospitality on digital media. There's never been a better time to make social media easier for you!

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The CONNECT is based out of Long Island, NY with capabilities to handle clients from all areas.