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TheCONNECT is a creative agency specializing in social media marketing with a focus on content creation, digital strategy, and brand storytelling. Fluent in the hospitality industry, we’ve worked successfully both directly with brands and also through agency to agency collaborations. TheCONNECT’s diverse portfolio includes everything from family owned eateries to luxury resorts.

We make social media easier for you. 


Our Services

We bring your story to life through photography, videos, content creation and social media marketing. From photoshoots to full on social media takeovers, we'll make a digital difference for your brand and business. 

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Our Mission

At The CONNECT, we believe social media is fundamental in the food & hospitality industry. Our mission is to ensure your business' social media is making a difference in how guests see and interact with your brand.

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Our Work

We’ve made a difference for restaurants and brands, transferring digital impressions to actual revenue all while building your brand’s image, story and reputation.


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Our Practice

At The CONNECT, our focus is on the bigger picture: Creating, building and sustaining social media campaigns that truly make a difference in your business.


Social Media has given restaurants and brands an incredible chance to truly capture an audience.

We make sure you do it the right way.